A Short Story

Simultaneous Contrasts: Sun and Moon, Robert Delaunay (public domain)

A poem

The new — is it still Medium, what are those dots?

Medium logo. . . circa a long time ago now. Property of Medium. (Fair use)

The New Profile Page

  1. All short pieces that are behind a monetized pay-wall are now freely available. That doesn’t make cents. . .

A poem

Paul Klee, Senecio-1922 (public domain)

A poem

Vasily Kandinsky, Small Worlds V, (public domain)

A poem

Paul Klee, “A Woman for Gods”, Public Domain

A poem

Paul Klee, Untitled, (public domain)

A poem

Paul Klee, Flowers in a Vase, (public domain)

Anna Breslin

GenX writer. Old poems at medium.com/annapoetics Infrequently updated website — annabreslin.com Inquiries writeannab at gmail dot com

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